Festo ADNP Standard Cylinder

These Festo standard ADNP cylinders are manufactured from high-quality technopolymer (a polyarylamide compound reinforced with 50% glass fibre). Its compact design (50% less compared with large standard cylinders) means it can be used even in tight-fitting spaces.

The Festo ADNP standard cylinder’s minimal weight makes it ideal for mounting on moving machine parts. It is ideal, if no special functionality such as offered by the Festo ADN / AEN standard cylinder family is required. It is a Compact cylinder with ISO 21287 standard dimensions


  • Stroke lengths from 5 mm to 80 mm
  • Innovative technology for maximum speeds
  • Polymer end caps with integrated fittings — faster, lighter and low cost
  • Flexible in use thanks to customised variants
  • Emergency cylinder assembly service available

The strength of the ADNP standard cylinder lies in the detail. Take the patented 3K piston, for example: this piston has excellent running characteristics and outstanding cushioning characteristics in the end positions for high speeds and machine cycles. The compact 3K piston also saves fitting space, which means a longer piston rod bearing can be used. The result: greater guiding precision and higher maximum lateral forces.

Double-acting operation

  • Operating medium: dried compressed air, lubricated or un-lubricated
  • Basic weight for 0 mm stroke: 115 g
  • Operating pressure: 0.6 bar to 10 bar
  • Ambient temperature: -10° C to 60° C

Technopolymer construction offers key advantages when it comes to reducing costs while maintaining consistent quality:

  • Very high rigidity
  • Lower weight than aluminium
  • Resistant to oil, acids, alkalis, and solvents
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Reverse bending strength is higher than that of certain light metal alloys

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