Air Tools

Prestige is exclusively reserved for air tools, offering the ultimate performance for the serious professional user.

  • All Prestige air tools incorporate the latest technology, and are designed specifically for operators who need to get work done quickly, effectively and with the highest levels of safety and accuracy possible.
  • Prestige air tools are developed to withstand heavy usage, and all have a lower noise and vibration output compared to most professional air tools. They feature ergonomic grips and lightweight magnesium bodies to reduce operator fatigue. In a nutshell, Prestige air tools are ideal for busy outlets where customer satisfaction and operator comfort are of a paramount importance.

    For those looking for a product for lighter usage, PCL's Lite range is a cost-effective alternative.

  • Lite products are highly capable of getting the job done comfortably. However, the main focus of Lite products is on keeping within a budget for applications where exact levels of accuracy are not required. For example, in tyre inflations or where tools will not be subject to frequent, rigorous use. The Lite range offers solid performance and excellent value for money.

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