CEJN® Series 135 Couplings - Industrial Ancillaries

CEJN® Series 135 Couplings

  • Series 135 is a CEJN original for extremely high working pressure, 300 MPa. The Series also withstands pressure up to 300 MPa while disconnected (applies to the coupling and nipple). Non-drip connection and disconnection are standard on the CEJN High-Pressure range. The coupling also has a safety ring for the locking sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection. Plastic dust caps are standard on both coupling and nipple. Swiveling can cause wear damage over time why the nipple is available in both swivel and non-swivel designs. Each coupling and nipple are pressure tested up to full working pressure before delivery. The Series makes it possible to connect pumps and accessories faster, safer and more conveniently, even at extreme pressure. The Series is in the first place recommended for bearing pullers, splitters and hydraulic test installations.

Technical Data Summary
Specification Details  
Nominal Flow Diameter 2.5mm
Coupling Material Hardened black finish steel
Nipple Material Hardened black finish steel
Maximum Working Pressure  
300.0 MPa
Maximum Burst Pressure  
600.0 MPa
Standard Flow Rate  
4.6 l/min (1.0 GPM UK)
Temperature Range  
  -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)

  • Flow capacity is measured at 0.4 MPa pressure drop.

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