CEJN® TLX Screw to Connect Couplings - Industrial Ancillaries

CEJN® TLX Screw to Connect Couplings

CEJN® TLX is a flat-face Twist Lock Coupling made of high alloy steel and critical components are hardened for maximum performance.

The surface treatment is Zinc-Nickel which is by far the best surface treatment of steel available. The TLX is a spill free coupling and fully in line with CEJN’s ambition to supply products for clean and leak-free hydraulic systems.

The flow rate of the TLX is not limited to a certain level as it can handle really high flow without failures. The limitation is on the part of the machine as you don’t want to get too high a pressure drop as this will lead to heat build-up in the hydraulic system. If you choose the appropriate size TLX for the flow rate the pump generates, The TLX will also handle the surge flow that can occur in certain applications.

The CEJN® TLX has its roots in a patented design with verified performance over many years in industrial auto-couplings which are connected at full working pressure on both sides and used in tough impulse applications. The design of the TLX valve package is highly robust and the seals are protected from being flushed away by surge flow. TLX is designed with a high pitch, high strength round thread profile but without sensitive eliminators or complicated locking systems.

  • The Super-Duty connector with extremely high resilience to surge flows
  • The Super-Duty connector that handles the pressure impulses
  • The Super-Duty connector with pure and simple robustness
  • Designated for the toughest construction and demolition applications

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