The Industrial Ancillaries Training Academy, a provider of official BFPA courses, has now started offering courses to professionals in the industry. - Industrial Ancillaries

Industrial Ancillaries Training Academy

The Industrial Ancillaries Training Academy, a provider of official BFPA courses, has now started offering courses to professionals in the industry.

The BFPA courses focus on offering the latest knowledge in hydraulic and pneumatic practice, as well as enabling the learner to gain an industry recognised certificate.

Foundation Course in Working Safely with Hydraulic Hose and Connectors

This short course has been developed by the BFPA to provide an introduction to hydraulic hose, connectors and the safe assembly of these components for industry use. Lasting only 1 day, this course is ideal for a range of levels and can be useful for professionals working in various roles within a company.

“As a key point of contact for customers purchasing hydraulic equipment, taking the BFPA Foundation Course in Hydraulic Hose and Safety was useful for me to familiarise myself more with the products and learn about the importance of safety. I can now apply my knowledge when helping a customer choose a product and help them make the best decision” - Emma, Business Development Manager.

“Working directly with hydraulic products on a daily basis, it is important to not only understand how the equipment works and what sizes they come in, but to also be aware of any factors that may tamper with their safety. The short course in hydraulic hose and connectors significantly helped my understanding of this” – Scott, Warehouse Operative

BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme

Following on from the Foundation course, the BFPA Hose Assembly Skills programme focuses on giving the learner more knowledge in various elements involved in working with Hose. The course highlights techniques and considerations essential for the production of a quality hose and installation. Designed for those with a more advanced knowledge of hoses, members of management teams can also join the course to help improve their knowledge whilst dealing with customers.

“Excellent course, very informative and enjoyable, received a BFPA industry recognised certificate and learnt some new skills which have since been put into practise. I would recommend this course to any professional who is looking to further their understanding of hose assembly“– UK Sales Manager

“An educational and enjoyable, professionally delivered to a small group, in a relaxed learning environment, utilising video, samples and group discussion. A good mix of content, learned some new, refreshed some old knowledge. Test papers after each section help it all sink in all marking was confidential so no pressure. Increased awareness on the job day to day.”- David, Area Sales Manager

Industrial Ancillaries are offering BFPA courses throughout the year, with the first courses starting in February. If you would like to train your team, please contact or visit our Training Academy website

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