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The Gates Fluid Power "Port-to-Port" Roadshow @ The Industrial Ancillaries Open Day Event 2017


Gates Roadshow 2017Industrial Ancillaries are happy to announce that we will be hosting the prestigious Gates Fluid Power Port-to-Port Roadshow as part of our 2017 Open Day Event at our Chesterfield Headquarters on 17th October.

Gates is a premier global manufacturer of highly engineered fluid power products and offers an integrated line of high-performance hydraulic hoses, couplings, fittings, and self-assembly equipment.

In addition to the Gates Roadshow exhibition trailer, there will be displays and promotional presentations from other leading manufacturers we've invited along to showcase and demonstrate their latest products.

An Excellent Networking Opportunity

The 2017 Industrial Ancillaries Open Day Event will provide a sociable, friendly venue with excellent in-person networking potential—it's the ideal environment through which to establish new, mutually-beneficial, industry contacts and partnerships.

Expert Knowledge and Advice

Want to know more about a manufacturer's new range? Got some tricky questions about a particular product line? What's the ideal solution for that new application you have in mind? Our 2017 Open Day presents you with the perfect opportunity to acquire valuable, first-hand expert knowledge by speaking face-to-face with industry authorities!


Free admission - everyone welcome - all day event (10.00 am to 4.00 pm) - complimentary buffet and refreshments.

So, please come and join us on 17th October for an inspirational, entertaining and memorable experience.

Click here to reserve your place.

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